Rhodes School District 84.5

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is an important transition year for students. As they leave elementary school behind, they assume more responsibilities associated with middle school. Combination hallway lockers and gym uniforms are firsts. Fifth graders are strongly encouraged to use their assignment notebooks regularly because in 6th grade they will be moving from classroom to classroom, and will need to record assignments before they change classes. In recognition of the important growth and changes occurring at this time in their lives, the students attend two special programs at the Robert Crown Center covering the topics of puberty and substance abuse.

Students are provided instruction in all academic subjects. Please see the reading and math curriculum maps on the Rhodes website for more detailed information. They also study writing, grammar, American history, science, art, keyboarding and music. In addition, 5th graders practice effective test taking strategies that help them prepare for the state ISAT tests. All students are provided the opportunity for extra support through a variety of programs offered. There is the Project Teach program, Response to Intervention (RTI), Title I math and reading, and a built-in study hall period where teachers are available to help as needed. Also, the school has LD/resource teachers and a speech therapist on staff. Enrichment classes in reading and math are available for those students who qualify.

Every classroom has internet access and interactive white boards that allow the teacher to access and manipulate data, photos, and videos that can enrich classroom instruction. We also use a parent/teacher communication tool called Teacherease. This allows parents to access their child's current grades from a home or work computer.

Teachers can be contacted via email. Please visit our Staff Connection to contact your child's teacher.

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