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Sixth Grade

Welcome to 6th grade! This is an exciting year that builds the bridge from elementary to middle school here at Rhodes. In 6th grade, students are provided instruction in reading, math, science, social studies, language arts, physical education, health, technology, art, music, and STEM.


Organization is extremely important and is a key to success for the 6th grade students, who now have to move from class to class for the first time. Organizational skills, study skills, and test taking strategies are taught early on to ensure an easy transition into the fast paced world of a middle school student.

Support Services

For additional support, 6th grade students can be placed in Title 1 Reading and Math classes, Project Teach classes, as well as a pull out Enrichment class. Students may also receive extra services or support to better meet the student's needs and allow them to have greater success.

What it's like in a 6th grade Reading class at Rhodes:

We give out monthly book reports. Each month a different genre is studied and a book to coincide is read. These book reports may consist of creating cereal boxes, a scrapbook, and/or a quilt to share about the book the students have read.

Various genres are also read using Reading Street, the literature book. There are smaller literature units that consist of Tall Tales, Fairy Tales, and Myths to name a few.

What it's like in a 6th grade Language Arts class at Rhodes:

There are many components that make up a Language Arts class in 6th grade. Following the Nancie Atwell model of Writing Workshop based off of her book, In the Middle, the 6th graders will focus each quarter on Narrative/Descriptive Writing, Argumentative/Research/Textual Evidence, Explanatory/Research Writing and Speaking/Listening. Students also work on academic vocabulary using Marzano's researched process.To build up the structure of writing using other research based practices, 6th graders will focus on sentence and paragraph strategies. Some assignments that stand out in 6th grade are a descriptive trip to the North Pole and a speech about a particular passion of each student.

What it's like in a 6th grade Math class at Rhodes:

In 6th grade we try to keep math as hands-on and engaging as possible! We use Eureka Math to guide our instruction which provides students with a rigorous approach to mathematics. The curriculum provides wonderful real-world scenarios and model interpretations of many mathematical concepts. We start off the year introducing ratios and unit rates then we move into arithmetic operations which includes division of fractions. Among other topics that are covered are: rational numbers, expressions and equations, area, surface area and volume. In addition to Eureka Math, we use IXL in order to increase computational fluency and master a wide range of 6th grade skills throughout the year!p>

What it's like in a 6th grade Science class at Rhodes:

Science, in the 6th grade, is a class of discovery. Through our new series, Interactive Science, the students have the opportunities to explore the topics through reading, writing, discussion, and hand-on activities. Thinking, creating, and connecting to our world is stressed. A couple favorites this year were: designing bird beaks and building a watershed.

What it's like in a 6th grade Social Studies class at Rhodes:

Social Studies, in the 6th grade, is an exciting adventure as we travel back in time.The students start the year by working through geography using MR.HELP and creating a poster about a country from around the world. The 6th graders will them move on to the ancient worlds of the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Romans, to name a few, help students see how history in connected to us today. Art activities, simulations, and in decision-making scenarios, are a few of the ways we bring Social studies to life.

Other activities that happen if you are a 6th grader:

Students in 6th grade get to be a part of several special activities. These include an Arbor Day Celebration, an afternoon at Trumbull Park, a field trip to Brookfield Zoo, a trip to one of the museums in downtown Chicago, and a 6th grade picnic. The 6th grade team try to connect what is learned during the year to the real world in which we all live share.

Teachers can be contacted via email. Please visit our Staff Connection to contact your child's teacher.

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