Rhodes School District 84.5

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of the total educational experience. At Rhodes School students in grades PreK-8 receive physical education instruction taught by certified PE teachers. Students in grades 1-3 attend physical education class 4 days per week and 4-8 grades receive daily physical education.

Primary physical education classes are non-competitive and focus on cooperation, fitness and development of basic movement skills.

Grades 3 and 4 are a transition from the primary grades to the upper grades. Students start incorporating the basic skills taught in PreK – 2 and using them in organized games and activities. Sport specific skills and rules are introduced and practiced. Students are then given the opportunity to utilize the skills in a modified game setting.

In grades 5-8 the PE program focuses on team sport activities and lifetime sports. Units include flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, team handball, badminton, kickball, softball and track. In each of these units students learn the basic rules and strategies of each game. Teamwork and cooperation as well as honesty and integrity are stressed students learn how to work together to and officiate their own games.

All students participate in cardiovascular activities 1-2 days per week. We rotate between a 20 minute walk/run and the pacer test. These activities help prepare students for the mile run which is done in the fall and spring along with other fitness tests.

Teachers can be contacted via email. Please visit our Staff Connection to contact your child's teacher.

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Physical Education and Health Curriculum Maps