Rhodes School District 84.5


Classroom Listings and Curriculum Maps

At Rhodes, we are proud of the academic standards we have set for ourselves. From ISAT scores to academic competitions, we have always placed the priority in the classroom.

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The preschool program is funded by the State of Illinois. This grant makes the preschool program tuition free. Classes are held Monday through Friday for 2 ½ hours...Read More
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Our four half-day Kindergarten sections are bustling with activity as students learn early literacy skills which are essential for success in reading...Read More
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First Grade

First grade at Rhodes involves busy classrooms full of exploring and learning. Our focus is to introduce many of the reading and math skills that will help our students...Read More
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Second Grade

Second grade is part of the primary section of Rhodes School. Students follow the adopted textbook curriculum for reading, math, science and social studies...Read More
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Third Grade

Third grade consists of three individual classrooms. Each classroom teacher has their own unique style of teaching; however, all teachers strive to help students make connections...Read More
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Fourth Grade

All 4th grade students start the day with a unique opportunity to excel in their strengths or improve in their areas of weakness...Read More
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Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is an important transition year for students. As they leave elementary school behind, they assume more responsibilities associated with middle school...Read More
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Sixth Grade

Welcome to 6th grade! This is an exciting year that builds the bridge from elementary to middle school here at Rhodes...Read More
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Seventh Grade

The seventh grade curriculum takes an integrated approach to all subject areas. The team teaches many of their skills through thematic units...Read More
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Eighth Grade

Students are provided instruction in: reading, writing, social studies, science, math, physical education, language arts, and spelling. Additionally, students are also provided...Read More
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